Do-it-yourself Signage

Build your own digital signage network with piSignage and raspberry pi
- Lean, reliable, scalable and full HD

2 player licenses and subscription free for lifetime

Everything you need, to get started in hours

We enable you to build the signage, the way you want, with your content.

Choice of hardware

Select from Raspberry Pi, Intel NUC or any other Debian platform, download the image (or app) & player is ready

Server Options

You can subscribe to managed-services at or use open-source server software to manage players

Flexibility in sourcing content

Use the tools you are familiar with to create content. Upload them as files or use streaming links or urls to load the content.

Offline working & fast sync

Features such as offline working, progressive downloads, websocket communication ensure smooth working of player & fast syncs even with slow links.

Media specific players

Hardware accelerated players and task-specific programs get best out of the Raspberry Pi hardware and ensure smooth play of HD video & streaming content.

All the features you need

piSignage is a complete solution with many features like built-in layouts, ticker & adverts insertion, campaign scheduling, TV control, screen-capture, player shell etc.

Organizations and System Integrators across industries in 140+ countries are using piSignage for applications like video distribution, streaming, digital signage, info-displays, dashboards, notice-boards, menu-display etc. since 2014.

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How do I get started

Assemble the Player

Purchase and assembleRaspberry Pi kit.Download piSignage image and prepare SD card as per the instuctions atgithub.

Sign up for free

By signing up at, you can get started immediately and manage players from anywhere.

Upload, Arrange & Deploy

Register the player at the server. Upload files, create a playlist and deploy to the group. Watch the the playlist on TV!

What Customers have to say

“piSignage is the best service for us. It's quick to learn, easy to use, and support is always there. Some of our ideas were even integrated to PiSignage!”

Harri Haataja
Satavision Oy

"piSignage has allowed our business to grow quickly and efficiently, secure in the knowledge of its reliability and excellent client service."

Marketing & Distribution Manager
Insider TV

“piSignage delivers a solid platform for us to display wayfinding and marketing messages to our audience – securely, dynamically and affordably!”

Grant Henry, Director of Digital Services, Minnesota Orchestra

Use Cases

piSignage is being used in numerous applications to show streamed or downloaded content on a group of displays.

Video Distribution

Distribute videos instantly to your customers based on their subscription. Videos are downloaded and stored for offline play. Videos can be replaced centrally by deploying new videos.

In-store Promotion

Install displays in stores to show information about products. Display campaigns, offers and cross-promotion messages. Communicate with your customers effectively and increase sales.

Campus Information Screens

Display information about Events, upcoming Registrations, Courses, Code of Conduct etc. at common places and keep them current. Go Digital and communicate with your audience in real-time.

Corporate Communication

Deploy piSignage in Reception, Cafeteria and in other common places. Centrally deploy corporate videos, welcome messages, events, employee recognitions and more. Improve look of your Reception.

Digital Displays & Menus

Deploy digital displays in your Restaurant to attract customers. Schedule promotional videos, food images and menus based time of day or day of the week or season. Encourage instant purchases.

Dashboards & Streaming

Streaming data from various Dashboard tools to the teams can make teams more productive and motivated. Add urls or use api to display metrics from your software. You can also stream videos.

Simple Pricing

Sign-up and get 2 licenses with subscription FREE.

25$ - license

Player license costs one time fee of US $25 which comes with free updates and transferable.


20$ - subscription

Manage your content and players at for an annual fee of US $20 per player. Hassle free administration of players with many more advantages.


45$ 35$ - managed

 by purchasing managed license which includes both player license and 1 year subscription.
More on pricing
We are super excited to have you on board!

Experience piSignage for free

Sign up today and get 2 licenses for Free!What's more, you also can manage them free forever!
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Resellers & Digital Signage Solution Providers

We offer white-labelled piSignage server which is based on the same code base and has the same features as that of The logo, various artifacts and domain name are customized. We also customise the UI to suit your needs.More Details.

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