PiSignage works on REST API and integrates well into your workflow

PiSignage is perfect for Designers, Integrators and End-Users to offer Signage solutions.
You can customise the flow for your Content & Administration needs, value add for more revenue

Start quickly and Grow as per your need

Get Started in few steps
  1. Purchase off-the-shelf Raspberry Pi kit & HD TV
  2. Order or prepare SD card with PiSignage Software
  3. Sign-up for a free account at pisignage.com
  4. and you are Ready to Go!
Manage Campaigns Centrally with a simple intutive UI
  • Arrange Players in Groups and Manage
  • Upload Videos,Images,HTML files and Links
  • Create Playlists & Layouts, Deploy to Groups


Agile HTML5 based Player built on node.js

  • Cost-effective Hardware that plays HD Video,MP3 Audio,Images and HTML content(1080p or 720p mode)
  • Select one of the 8 Layouts in Landscape or Portrait mode
  • Display independent content in upto 3 zones, Insert Advertisements and Ticker messages
  • Advanced Scheduling can play content during certain periods of the day or between two dates
  • Player works in offline mode, downloads content incrementally with auto-restart and uses websocket for Server communication
  • Extensive RAS features - Remote upgrade with fallback, remote shell, event logging, auto restart & more
and we are continuously innovating!

Flexibility in Content Sourcing

  • Use your favorite program to create content (like PowerPoint), save content as images or video and Upload
  • Some programs like Google Slides allow "Publish to Web" option, in that case copy the link and upload
  • Use links to load content directly from Streaming Sources, Dashboard Tools or from your Server
  • You can also upload zip file of HTML assets to Play
  • We can develop customized pages/app for sourcing content using APIs from any server


Create a free account at pisignage.com and get started

  • Create Groups, Assign Players, Schedule Campaigns and Deploy
  • Store assets and links centrally by uploading them, Videos are automatically converted to MP4
  • Create Campaigns(Playlists) by selecting layout and assets
  • Monitor Players health, you can even issue execute shell commands on Pi
  • View Aggregated Reports & Events or drill down to individual player report
  • Add others as collaborators to manage the installations

With PiSignage you get lot more

  • Deploy your own Local Server using open-source code
    • Get the instructions & code from pisignage-server
    • You can customize the code or add modules to suit your requirements
  • Apps to discover/manage Pi players and act as media Remote
    • Use Chrome app on your Local Network to discover and manage stand-alone players
    • Get Android app to browse and play content on TV
  • Use Chrome piSigange app to simulate PiSignage Player on PC (we may even make it full pledged piSignage Player for PC!)

  • and we are constantly listening to you to improve our offerings!

Looking for Turnkey Solutions or Large installations?

We provide full range of services around PiSignage including Hardware sourcing, Integration, Customization, Development, Support & Maintenance. Please get in touch with us.

Use Cases - PiSignage is suitable for many Signage Applications

PiSignage is a lean Signage solution built on web standards
and closely integrates with your Digital World.

In-store Promotion and Demo

Deploy everyday and seasonal campaigns centrally to all stores. Distribute product demonstration videos as and when ready to stores. Store staff can explain product features clearly using these videos.

Campus Information Screens

Display information about Events, upcoming Registrations, Courses, Code of Conduct etc. at common places and keep them current. Improve communication with student community and go Digital.

Corporate Communication

Deploy piSignage enabled TVs behind Reception Desks, Cafeteria and other common places. Show case corporate achievements, display welcome messages, events, employee recognistions and more.

Digital Menus

Display menus based based on the time of day and location. Mix promotional videos, food images and menus to encourage instant purchases.

Financial Information Terminals

Interest rates, Stock information and standard operating procedures can be pushed or streamed to the terminals from a central server. Additional applications like token system can be integrated.

Dash Boards

Streaming data from various Dashboard tools to the teams can make teams more productive and motivated.

How to Get Started?

Watch the player in action

Download PiSignage app from chrome web store and watch the player in action in your Chrome browser.

Assemble your Player

Purchase Raspberry Pi kit and download PiSignage software from github. Generate the license for the player by registering at pisignage.com.

Sign-up for free

By signing up at pisignage.com, get started immediately and manage players from anywhere. You need to pay only for registered players.

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piSignage since it launch last year has hundreds of user signups and more than 1000 players deployed. We continuously listen and work with customers to better the Solution with every release.

First of all piSignage is great, and really helped out my business, I just have 2 minor things I noticed on the Chromebox app...

Feedback from Survey

A Wiki or manual about customising features like the Ticker and Notes would be a good addition. But piSignage simply rocks!

Feedback from Survey

You have been there for me from the start. If ever I have a problem it is usually fixed the next day(time difference).

Feedback from Survey

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